Our story

Meet Julie - Owner and Designer of Lucinda Frances

I am a homely lady, have a love and passion for home interiors and traditional cooking. I am very lucky to live with my partner in a beautiful part of Rhe fens in Ely. My family connections are very important to me, I have a great relationship with my daughter who runs the marketing side of a family business with my sister. In my spare time I get great pleasure in visiting new places around Europe for long weekends, especially exploring new Italian towns.

Where it all began.

Lucinda Frances began 15 years ago with a retail shop in Loughborough which then moved further East to the attractive town of Stamford. On one quiet day I suddenly realised I wanted to meet new customers and have a guaranteed footfall so I did some research and attended my very first show at the CLA game fair at Blenheim and so enjoyed it. Since then I closed the shop side of the business down and build a show calendar of events I would attend, and I have not looked back. I love meeting such different people at every show from the south right up to the north of Scotland.

This has allowed me to design and evolve my collection using all the people I meet as inspiration, I have been on a journey to find the right high-quality fabrics and colour palettes, which I hope you will enjoy the collections as much as I have designing and bringing them to life.